Stamped Concrete is becoming the material to add beauty and sturdiness to spaces that are living and to increase your curb appeal. Concrete molding would be the process of adding texture to produce your concrete resemble stones. That is various in addition to other paving materials such as tile, pavers, brick, and wood. We at John’s Stamped Concrete want to help you each step of the way to make the design of your concrete amazing, whether it is an exterior or interior project.

First, let’s briefly go over the basic steps or requirements for creating a beautiful stampcrete creation. So, naturally, the first step is called form. This is where we lay down the frame of where the concrete will be. We’ll use planks and various supports to create a form outline of what it’s going to look like. After that, we’ll prepare to pour the concrete; however, if you want to add color to your design using integral color, we’ll add the coloring to the mix before it’s poured.

The next step we’ll do is use a screed to make sure the surface is flat and level to perfection. Next, we’ll use a bull float, a light skimming tool, to create a perfectly smooth surface. After we’ve got our surface leveled and perfectly smooth. We’ll have to apply a chemical known as a release agent to make the stamping process possible, Remember. We have to stamp the concrete while it’s still wet and uncured, so to avoid having the tools we stamp with a stick to the surface or damage the finish, we apply the release agent to form a protective layering over the cement. After we’re done creating the pattern you want, we’ll wash off that release agent and the result is going to look great.

After applying the release agent, we’ll begin the stamping process. You can use pretty much any design or pattern that a stamp exists for. Your contractor will be able to discuss which patterns they can do, but typically you’ll be able to find one you love. After the stamping. The concretes cures for a while. And then you wash the release agent (which resembles a powder) off just enough to wash off the top of the pattern. But leaving a little bit in the cracks and crevices or lines of the design to make it stand out a bit.

After this, you can seal the surface once it’s completely dry and clean. We can use a roll on the sealer or a spray on, but either way, this is a very important step.

Many homeowners like to add stamped, colored concrete in their landscape projects to add curb appeal and also to lend some high-end look to their home. Super tough and cheaper than real stone, stamped cement is a fantastic choice for your next renovation project. You can use stamped decorative concrete for outdoor living spaces like pool decks, driveways, patios, sidewalks. Even parking lots and outdoor kitchen barbecue pits. Not to mention indoor living spaces like the floors along with your garages, basements, kitchens. Along with countertops in your kitchen, baths really anywhere.

So, you might wonder why people ask for printed concrete finishes on their indoor or outdoor living spaces. The reason why is because it transforms t provides a gorgeous canvas on which. We may create an economical replica of less affordable, high-end rock materials while maintaining some natural authentic look. We create a look which will mix with your existing home and landscaping style. Perhaps you want the same shapes and colors as existing buildings or other structures. Or you need your measures to look brick like your house. We may help you create your next job from beginning to finish.

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